Winners list for the 2016 raffle held on Feb. 20th.

 Winners list for the 2016 raffle.


Moonlight Riders Snowmobile Club
2015-16 Raffle
Winner List

1st Prize:    $1,500.00 : Marie Anderson, Oneida

2nd Prize:    $500.00 : John MacKenzie, Morrisville

3rd Prize:    $ 500.00 :   Wendy Reeves, Revena

4th Prizes:    $ 100.00: Mike LaLonde, Munnsville
        $ 100.00: Jeremiah DePasquale, Clockville
        $ 100.00: Chris Harmon, Munnsville
        $ 100.00: Munnsville Legion Riders, Munnsville
        $ 100.00: Clay Coleman, Cazenovia

        Gift Cert. / Edick’s Salmon River Tours: Richard Parmeter, Oneida
        Gift Cert. / Marcellus Sales: Shane Vrabel, Arlington, VA

        Gift Card / Dutcher’s Auto: Alex Stepanski, Munnsville

Gift Cert. / NY Pizzeria: Buck Southworth, Georgetown

        Gift Cert. / NY Pizzeria: Debra Ogrydziak, W. Eaton

        Gift Bucket / Marble Hill Inn: Tom Davis, Cazenovia

        Gift Cert. / A&W  E-Z Mart: Charles Stevens, II, Chittenango

Gift Cert. / Pizza Hut: Steven Broedel, W. Eaton

Gift Cert. / Pizza Hut: John Schokker, Morrisville
Gift Cert. / Hotel Solsville: Joe Hayes, Oneida

Gift Cert. / Ray Brothers BBQ: Skip Burgess, Earlville

Gift Cert. / Susie Q’s Café: Hank Macaig, Eaton

Model Car - Morrisville NAPA: Patrick Hurley, Eaton

Gallon Oil / Ralph’s, Diesel: Mike Warner, Peterboro

        Gift Cert. / The Fort: Larry Fisher, Munnsville

        Gas Card / Valero/Blue Ox, Hamilton: Todd White, Hamilton

        Gift Card / Cooley’s Home Center: Mike Brown, W. Eaton

        Model Truck - Car Quest: Hilda Cordell, Canastota

        Gift Card / Copper Turret: Howard Blowers, Canastota

        Gift Cert. / Georgetown Inn: Stan Fox, Canastota

        Gift Cert. / Munnsville Legion: Clarence White, Canastota

        Gift Cert. / Tire Repair Service: Lindey Nourse, Erieville

        Gift Cert. / The Blue Canoe: Richard Parmeter, Oneida

        Hoodie / Cazenovia Equipment: Elizabeth Merchant, Eaton

        Hoodie / Cazenovia Equipment: Make Ball, Oneida

        Gift Cert. to Good Nature Brewery from Damians Auto: Katie Bell, Syracuse

    Winner of our 50/50 raffle at the drawing: Mary Walker, who donated back to the Club

    *Plus, consolation  prizes donated by:

        Ralph’s Diesel
        Marble Hill Inn